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Consultation for VR shoulder rehab application

During my first year at the University of Southern California, the Locomotor Control Lab ( reached out to me and four other physical therapists with experience in shoulder rehabilitation to provide feedback for a company working in a shoulder rehabilitation app.

This app was a firefly chase game for the Oculus VR headset where patients have to chase fireflies in different locations to promote the use of their shoulder in a greater range of motion.

We attended multiple visits where either a patient or ourselves tried the app to be able to provide feedback through a standardized questionnaire. Some of the feedback we provided included:

-Pathologies that could benefit from the use of this app
-Timing of use of the app during the rehabilitation process
-Strength and limitations of the app
-Range of motion of the app compared to patient ability

-Use in the clinic versus patient use at home
-Data retrieval from the tasks (what else would we like)

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