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Two-iphone system for knee angle measurement

This was a team project within my PhD education. We had two biomedical engineers, one exercise physiologist, and me as the biomechanist and physical therapist.

By using the MatLab phone app we had to create a phone system to measure knee angle and use it for a small research study.

By using the phone sensors and synchronizing both phones together we created the simple app and compared the knee angle between front-squat and back-squat in a small sample of males and females.

On the left graphs, we compared the maximum knee angle provided by the app compared to my manual assessment of the knee angle using a goniometer.

On the right graph, I show a representation of the whole squat angles of all the participants during the front and the back squat.

The image on the bottom shows an example of a participant wearing the two phones in running straps and me measuring the peak knee flexion with a goniometer.

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