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Phone use for shoulder fatigue quantification in swimmers

This was part of the work I did for the swim team "Club Natacion Torrelavega" in Spain.

Using one phone, we attempted to quantify fatigue in swimmers in two ways:

1.- Degrees of error when replicating a joint position before and after an intense swimming set.

2.- Accumulated acceleration of arm elevations during 15 seconds before and after an intense swimming set.

The photos below show task 1 on the left and task 2 on the right.

The first graph is an example of an individual performing Task 2.

The bottom left graph is the error in joint positioning before and after swimming. SURPRISE! Swimmers were able to replicate joint position better after the fatigue task... (Don't worry, nothing significant)

The bottom right graph is the accumulated acceleration before and after the swim set. In this case, the expectations were met with acceleration significantly going down after the swim set.

All these analyses were done by dividing the swimmers into those with shoulder pain (RED) and without shoulder pain (GREEN), but the trend was very similar for both groups.

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